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Britons downbeat in finances poll

Only a quarter of Britons (24%) rate their current personal financial situation as strong, compared to almost half of Swedes (47%), an international poll has suggested.

UK financial attitudes were of a similar level to those in Mexico, South Africa and Spain (23%), according to new research from Ipsos's Global @dvisor online survey.

However they were well below those of India (58%), Canada (41%), the United States (38%) and Germany (32%).

People in France displayed a more pessimistic outlook about their personal financial situation (21%), as did those in Hungary (10%), Italy (12%) and Japan (13%).

Britons also appeared fairly downbeat about the prospects of improvement with just one in five (20%) Britons expecting their personal financial situation to be stronger in the next six months, in line with Spain (21%) and Poland (23%).

In contrast 84% in Brazil expressed optimism about their financial future, with Germany on 26%, the United States on 33% and Canada on 34%.

France and Hungary revealed a more gloomy attitude on the next six months with 9% in each country predicting any improvement in their financial situation.

According to the poll, around one in five (18%) Britons said it was likely they, a family member or someone they knew would lose their job in the next six months, in line with France (17%).

A high level of anxiety about job losses was expressed in Hungary and Mexico (34%), in contrast to more confident attitudes in Sweden and Germany (9%), plus Japan (10%).

Simon Atkinson, assistant chief executive of Ipsos MORI, said: "On the economy Brits have been among the gloomiest nations in the world throughout 2011, and this just shows that the concern is also of a personal nature. We are more negative about our financial prospects than our North American cousins but not as bad as the French and Italians."


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