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Budget 2017: Cigarettes up 35p and a pint by 2p

There was no change to previously planned upratings of duties on alcohol and tobacco, but a new minimum excise duty is introduced on cigarettes based on a packet price of £7.35.

The Chancellor has also continued the tobacco tax escalator, which means a tax rise of 2% above Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation for all tobacco products, with a packet of 20 cigarettes costing 35p more.

◾Duty on beer, cider, wine and spirits will increase in line with RPI inflation at 3.9%, and will apply from next week.

◾This will equate to 2p on a pint of beer, 1p on a pint of cider, 36p on a bottle of whisky and 32p on a bottle of gin.

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has now called for a "fundamental review" of the alcohol duty system. The organisation said that the level of tax, excise duty and Vat on an average priced bottle of Scotch Whisky was now 79%.

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