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Burglary victim reunited with watch

A woman has been reunited with a Cartier watch of great sentimental value by detectives attempting to find the rightful owners of a cache of stolen goods worth around £500,000.

The unnamed 49-year-old, whose watch was stolen two years ago, is the latest victim to be traced by officers probing the discovery of almost 500 items during raids at addresses in Essex and east London in July.

The objects, thought to have been stolen during armed robberies, household burglaries and other thefts across the south-east of England from 1994 to late 2010, include other rare and collectable watches, as well as high-value jewellery, antiques and silverware.

In a statement released by the Metropolitan Police, the 49-year-old woman encouraged others to visit a Flickr website set up to reunite crime victims with their property.

The woman, whose watch was bought for her by her parents, said: "I am delighted to get my watch back after a burglary that took place over two years ago and would like to thank Tower Hamlets Crime Squad for their help in returning it to me.

"I would not have found it had it not been for the Flickr website that urges people to look at the site to see if their property has also been recovered."

The Flickr page, containing over 150 images, allows the public to search through pictures of the stolen items to try to identify anything that might belong to them.

Detective Sergeant Richard George, of the Tower Hamlets Crime Squad, said: "We were delighted to reunite the victim with her watch and we want to reunite more victims with their possessions.

"We are going to put more images on Flickr soon but people can still get in touch with us if they have had high-value jewellery, antiques or silverware stolen from 1994 to 2010, even if the image of the item isn't on Flickr at the moment."

A 73-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods in July has been bailed to return to an east London police station next month.


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