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Buzz battles hamsters to be top toy

Fighting hamsters and a rather more friendly monkey are among the toys being tipped to be this Christmas' best sellers.

Experts at Toys R Us said the synthetic pets were set to be among the most wanted gifts in Santa's sack.

Kung Zhu Hamsters and Dave the Monkey will vie with Toy Story's Jet Pack Buzz for the affection of children come Christmas, the toy specialist says.

A spokesman for Toys R Us said: "Toy Story 3 is just an incredible toy range and collectively it will dominate the Christmas market, however individually Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear will go head to head with the interactive Kung Zhu Special Forces and Ninja Hamsters".

When it comes to pre-schoolers, the Chuggington interactive trains are among the predictions for Christmas best sellers.

Meanwhile, perennial favourites including Monopoly and Sylvanian Families are set to figure on the wish list this Christmas.


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