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Cable should be sacked, say Tories

David Cameron is facing anger from Tory MPs for failing to sack Business Secretary Vince Cable and "propping up" the Liberal Democrats in the Government.

The Prime Minister faced questions about why Mr Cable, the second most senior Lib Dem minister, had survived despite his hugely embarrassing comments to undercover reporters.

Mr Cable was humiliatingly stripped of his responsibilities for the media after he claimed to have "declared war" on Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

Senior Tory MP Christopher Chope, the secretary of the influential backbench 1922 Committee, said Mr Cable should have been sacked for his comments.

"When we get into the new year, the Prime Minister will have to assess whether propping up the Liberal Democrats is in the long-term best interests of the Conservative Party and the country," he told the BBC.

"Sometimes it can be more damaging to hang on to somebody, because it's a sign of weakness, rather than take the robust line and say the man's got to go."

Sir Christopher accused Lib Dem ministers of "having it both ways".

"They want to be able to support the Government for the sake of keeping the Liberal Democrats in Government and keeping their own ministerial cars, but then they want to be able to say to their supporters outside 'Don't worry, I wasn't in support of that at all, I am rather against it.'

"You can't carry on like that as a minister because you are effectively undermining your own Government."

John Whittingdale, another senior Conservative backbencher, said Mr Cable would "almost certainly" have been sacked if he was a Tory minister.


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