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Calf rescued from riverside ordeal

A young cow trying to grab a cooling drink from a river in the hot weather had to be rescued by firefighters when it got stuck in the mud.

The nine-month-old Belgian blue got stuck trying to reach the River Hamble near Manor Farm Country Park in Lower Swanwick, Hampshire, on Thursday.

Animal rescue specialist Buster Brown and the firefighters faced a race against time to free the calf before high tide.

Mr Brown said: "The farmer had allowed his herd of around 20 young calves into the field for the first time and this one had tried to get down to the river for a drink.

"It got stuck in mud around 20m from the hard shingle bank so we attached a strop around its upper torso and were able to ease it out, sliding the calf across the mud to safety.

"The tide had begun to turn so we had to work quickly and efficiently to ensure the animal was clear of the water before the high tide."

The calf was released unharmed.


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