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Call for consultant death rates

Penalties will be enforced against hospital consultants who refuse to publish patient death rates, the medical director of NHS England has said.

The move is necessary to help with quality of care, Sir Bruce Keogh told the Sunday Times.

It is expected data relating to the work of around 5,000 surgeons will be published on the My NHS website this week, but a further 2,500 do not publish their rates.

Sir Bruce said: "We are looking now at a series of inducements, penalties to force that (publishing death rates).

He added: "We will lose some surgeons. We will, and have as a consequence of this endeavour.

"The other thing that is more likely, and will help with quality, is that those surgeons who are doing just a small number of operations will think, 'I'm not doing that any more', and they will pass on those operations to their colleagues."

Sir Bruce and health minster Jeremy Hunt will also order hospitals to publish cancer survival rates from next year.

Sir Bruce said the information could lead to a better understanding of the best treatments.

Mr Hunt told the paper "transparency" in data will help improve NHS cancer care.


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