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Cameron: I've got two kitchens too

David Cameron has disclosed that - like Ed Miliband - he has two kitchens in his London home.

The Prime Minister said he had the second kitchen installed in his house in Notting Hill for the benefit of the carers who looked after his disabled son Ivan, who died in 2009.

Mr Miliband faced accusations that he was out of touch following the disclosure that he had two kitchens after he and his wife Justine were filmed in the smaller of the pair for a BBC interview.

The response to Mr Cameron's disclosure may well be more muted, given his reason for having a second cooking area.

In an online interview with the website BuzzFeed, Mr Cameron said: "We actually had to extend into the basement and we put in an extra kitchen, not least because I had a very disabled son, Ivan, and his carers were there and they looked after him and so we did that for them,as well has for him."

He added: "The point is not whether you have got two kitchens, but whether you have a photocall in one of them and pretend it's your kitchen. That's the issue."


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