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Can you guess which country drinks more beer per person than anywhere else in the world?

Europeans still come out ahead in terms of beer consumption per head, new figures have shown.

But it's China that drinks the most overall, with some 54 billion litres supped each year.

And the top consumption per head? The Czech Republic.

The country quaffs its way through some 143 litres per head - with 1.5 billion litres as a nationwide total.

Ireland comes sixth in the list on 93 litres per head, while the UK manages 67 litres.

Countries listed in order of highest beer consumption per head

1. Czech Republic: 143 litres

2. Germany: 110 litres

3. Austria: 108 litres

4. Estonia: 104 litres

5. Poland: 100 litres

6. Ireland: 93 litres

7. Romania: 90 litres

8. Lithuania: 89 litres

9. Croatia: 82 litres

10. Belgium: 81 litres

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