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Caravan among strangest polling stations for European elections

Voters in UK constituencies could find themselves casting their ballot in a caravan, windmill or used car centre.

(Joe Giddens/PA Images)
(Joe Giddens/PA Images)

Voters are heading to the polls across the UK for the European Parliament elections, and certain polling stations for this election are a little different.

Constituents have been casting their ballots at locations including a caravan, a pub and even a windmill.

Polling stations will be open until 10pm on Thursday, with voters casting ballots for a total of 73 MEPs in nine constituencies in England, and one each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

(Steve Parsons/PA Images)

Some constituents in Hove will cast their votes at West Blatchington Windmill, while a group of Leicestershire electors will head to a farm in Garthorpe to fill in their ballot slip inside a caravan.

In Hampshire, Petersfield Used Car Centre opened its doors as a polling station for the day.

(Andrew Matthews/PA Images)

Also in Hampshire, some voters will be casting their votes at the White Horse Inn in Priors Dean, also known as the “pub with no name”.

(Andrew Matthews/PA Images)

In East Lothian, monks Father Mark Caira and Father Leonard Norman, from the Sancta Maria Abbey, cast their votes at Garvald Village Hall.

(Jane Barlow/PA Images)

The results of the election will be announced once all EU nations have voted, with the voting process expected to be completed by 10pm on Sunday.

When Britain leaves the European Union on October 31, the European Parliament will reduce from 751 MEPs to 705, with 27 of the UK’s 73 seats being distributed among the remaining member states.

It is uncertain how long British MEPs will sit in the parliament due to Brexit.



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