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Cash fight wife denies money motive

A Russian former beauty queen has denied marrying a millionaire American lawyer for money.

Ekaterina Fields, 42, and estranged husband Richard Fields, 59, are fighting over finance at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

Mr Justice Holman has been told that the couple were married for about a decade, have two children and disagree over the division of assets worth around £6 million.

The judge has also heard that the dispute could cost the couple more than £1 million in legal bills.

Mrs Fields, who has told reporters outside court that she is a model and a former Miss World University, today gave evidence.

And her lawyer outlined some of the allegations Mr Fields was making.

Barrister Lewis Marks QC told the judge: "It is the husband's case that my client married him for his money and he indulged her throughout."

But Mrs Fields told the judge: "It was not at all the dynamic of the relationship."

Mr Justice Holman has heard that Mrs Fields and the children live in London and Mr Fields is based in Miami.

Mr Marks said the couple were not far apart on how big a lump sum Mrs Fields should get. She said around £2.6 million. Mr Fields said about £2.2 million.

But he said there was a "chasm" between the couple in relation to what accommodation Mrs Fields should have.

He said Mrs Fields wanted to stay in London and wanted a flat worth several million pounds.

Mr Marks said they disagreed over "location".

Mrs Fields preferred Kensington or Chelsea. Mr Fields thought Battersea or Fulham better options.

The judge looked at some photographs of some properties being considered. He said he had once lived near one.

Mr Justice Holman was also told that the couple disagreed over the annual budget Mrs Fields and the children should get. She wanted about £400,000. He said nearer £300,000.

Mrs Fields spent much of the day being questioned by Stephen Trowell QC - a barrister representing Mr Fields.

Mr Trowell asked questions on the detail of Mrs Fields' financial claims.

One item he analysed was a budget for holidays for Mrs Fields and the children. Mrs Fields said she wanted £75,000 a year.

The hearing continues tomorrow - when Mr Fields is due to give evidence.


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