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'Cat burglar' targets neighbours

The owners of a notorious cat burglar are hoping to reunite some of his ill-gotten gains with the rightful owners.

Naughty Norris, a two-year-old tabby cat, has been prowling the North Street area of Bedminster in Bristol.

In the past year, Norris has brought home items such as bits of food and dishcloths, dusters and dust mitts.

But the cat's habits have intensified and he has now pinched sports bras, support pants, jumpers, T-shirts, boxer shorts and even a bath mat.

Add to that half a pizza, an unopened tube of gravy paste and a German sausage. If Norris cannot get his swag through the cat flap at home, he leaves it on the mat in the backyard.

His embarrassed owners, Richard and Sophie Windsor, believe that Norris is taking items hanging from washing lines in the local area. They have now written to their neighbours apologising for their thieving feline's nocturnal habits.

Their letter says: "Dear neighbours. This is a slightly embarrassing note to have to write but during his travels throughout the neighbourhood, our cat, Norris, has brought back an assortment of items.

"Unlike most cats, Norris isn't too interested in the local wildlife but has taken to straight up theft. In some cases he's literally been there and got the T-shirt.

"At first, when it was the odd dish cloth, it was fairly amusing, but recently his habit has intensified and we now have a growing pile of stolen goods which need returning to you good people of Bedminster.

"We have a range of T-shirts, jumpers, slippers, socks, oven gloves, bath mats and boxers. If you've 'misplaced' anything of any monetary value and would like it returned then please give us a nudge on (email) or (telephone number)."


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