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Cat found dangling on barbed wire fence now recovering, RSPCA says

It is thought the hapless feline had become caught while trying to jump the fencing.

The rescued cat (RSPCA/PA)
The rescued cat (RSPCA/PA)

A cat found dangling by his skin from a barbed wire fence is now recovering at the vets.

The distressed feline, thought to be a family pet, had become caught near its back leg, the RSPCA said.

Every time the male cat had then tried to free itself it had caused the skin to tear.

Making matters worse, the animal had become trapped while suspended over a coil of the wire lying on the ground which was catching on its front paws.

The cat was found dangling from a barbed wire fence. (RSPCA/PA)

A member of the public found the cat in undergrowth near Duke Street in Telford, Shropshire, and called the RSPCA who managed to free the feline.

It is now recovering from its ordeal after the skin was stapled back together.

Inspector Nayman Dunderdale, who freed the cat, said: “It looks like he tried to jump the barbed wire fence but he got attached to it and obviously as he tried to free himself, the wire ripped his skin.

He really was in a vulnerable position. RSPCA inspector

“The situation was made worse as there was a roll of discarded barbed wire underneath and this must have pricked his feet every time he moved.

“I have no idea how long he was in this predicament but it was lucky he was spotted when he was – he really was in a vulnerable position.

“This just shows how dangerous barbed wire can be and we would urge people to take extra care when installing fencing or security measures and to avoid using barbed wire where possible, particularly if its located somewhere where animals may become trapped easily.”

The RSPCA is now trying to trace the owner of the cat, which is described as “well cared for” and neutered, but has not been micro-chipped.

Mr Dunderdale added: “This cat appears to be a well-cared for pet and I believe someone will be missing him and am sure he will want to be reunited with his owner while he recovers from his ordeal.”



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