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Charlotte Bevan: Body of missing baby girl found close to where her mother was discovered

Police searching for a missing baby girl have found a body close to where the body of her mother Charlotte Bevan was discovered.

The 30-year-old was captured on CCTV footage as she walked out of Bristol Maternity Hospital on Tuesday with her new-born daughter named Zaani Tiana.

On Wednesday night Police searching for the mother and baby found a woman's body in the Avon Gorge in Bristol.

But Avon and Somerset Police have said that Ms Bevan's family have been informed.

The baby girl was found on Thursday afternoon closeby to where her mother was discovered.

The identity of the baby has not yet been confirmed but police are "confident" it is the daughter of Ms Bevan.

It was reported that the mother's body was found after a member of the public, walking nearby, spotted the hospital slippers on the gorge.

The hospital where the mother gave birth to her daughter before going missing has announced a review in to her care.

CCTV footage of the woman leaving the hospital was released which showed Ms Bevan walking down the corridor of the Bristol Maternity Hospital and leaving just after 8.30pm on December 2.

She was dressed in a black, long top and trousers and was wearing slippers when she exited the building.

She was carrying the baby wrapped in a blanket.

Police and the woman's boyfriend made a direct appeal for the new mother to get in touch.

Pascal Malbrouck, Ms Bevan's boyfriend and Zaani's father along with police spoke at a press conference.

Mr Malbrouck issued a heartfelt plea for her to “please come home”.

He said: “I miss you. The last few days have been amazing and I want many more of these.

“Please come home. I am waiting for you. You are welcome home at time even if it’s not straight away. Please just let us know you are ok.”

Her mother, Rachel Fortune, also appealed for her daughter to get in touch, telling her: “We have really enjoyed seeing you being such a good mother – let’s go forward with that.

“We all love you very much and just want to know you are ok.”

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Crisp said: "This message really is for Charlotte

"It is not a crime to take your own baby from hospital, it is simply not a crime.

"We've spoken to the staff at the hospital and we are convinced you are good mother. You are a caring thoughtful mother who is attentive and you were looking after your five-day-old child in the best way possible.

"You were making great progress. We know that you have your child's best interest at heart. We know, that In fact you were due to be discharged n only a day or two time

"But what worries us is that you have left so unexpectedly from the hospital. You haven't told your friends or family where you were going or your intentions and that is really worrying for them and really worrying for us.

"All I ask is please make contact and let us know you are ok.

"You have got nothing to fear, simply nothing to fear.

"And if you are a friend of Charlotte's and you know where she is, she has nothing to fear if you come forward and tell us where she is."

Hours before she went missing, Ms Bevan posted a self-help video on her Facebook page called Get Through Positive And Negative Thinking Rough Patches.

But earlier this month she had posted happy pictures of herself with her baby bump on the social networking site, where she also described herself as a "free spirit".

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