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Cheaper fuel benefits holidaymakers

Plunging petrol prices mean British holidaymakers will be able to do more miles for less cash when driving abroad this summer.

The biggest price falls have been in France, with petrol down 15% and diesel dipping 18% compared with last year, according to Post Office Travel Money.

Spain's prices have also fallen - with petrol down 4.8% and diesel down 4.3%.

Two tiny European countries - Andorra and Luxembourg - currently offer the cheapest fuel. Petrol is just £1.04 a litre in Andorra, with diesel at 94p, while petrol in Luxembourg costs £1.11 and diesel 99p.

Austria (£1.14 a litre), Czech Republic (£1.15) and Switzerland (£1.17) also offer comparatively cheap petrol, while Greece (£1.07 a litre), France (£1.08) and Austria (£1.08) are among the best-buy countries for diesel.

UK motorists looking for the best fuel deals would do well to avoid Norway which has the dearest petrol (£1.65 a litre) and the most-expensive diesel (£1.50). Other countries where fuel costs a lot include Turkey, where petrol is £1.55 a litre, and Holland where it costs £1.51.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: "We advise holiday motorists to do their homework to establish the pump prices for petrol and diesel in countries where they will be driving.

"While it is great news that sterling's strength is making fuel cheaper in Europe, motorists can save more money by planning their routes and fuel stops in advance.

He went on: "In France, especially, it will pay drivers crossing to French ports to fill up when they reach foreign soil because of the big drop in fuel prices there."


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