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Ched Evans may sue Gloria Hunniford over TV comments


Ched Evans

Ched Evans


Remarks: Gloria Hunniford

Remarks: Gloria Hunniford

Ched Evans

Gloria Hunniford may be facing legal action from footballer Ched Evans, after comments she made on ITV's Loose Women.

The Portadown born broadcaster made her remarks after Mr Evans had been cleared in Cardiff Crown Court of raping a 19-year-old woman.

Although convicted of the offence in 2012, the verdict was quashed and he was cleared of the charges last week after a retrial. He has always maintained that he and another footballer had consensual sex with his accuser.

A statement on the footballer's website said Ms Hunniford's comments "marked a watershed in the media coverage following Ched's unanimous acquittal of rape at Cardiff Crown Court, after serving 30 months for a crime he always denied and has now been exonerated of."

"Ched has always acknowledged his behaviour was morally unacceptable - but consensual."

The statement added: "Gloria Hunniford on Loose Women yesterday misrepresented the evidence presented at Cardiff Crown Court in this respect, and his family are now actively considering their legal options. Opinion is acceptable - but misinformation broadcast on prime time television - is not."

A spokesman for Loose Women has said: "We've received a complaint from the father of Ched Evans' partner, to which we are responding."

Campaigners reacted angrily after Mr Evans was cleared, with many voicing concerns that the case had set a dangerous precedent. Justice for Women co-founder, Julie Bindel, said Mr Evans' case had set the fight for justice for victims of rape and sexual assault back by 30 years, "at least".

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