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Chef Oliver considers tattoo

Jamie Oliver is considering a tattoo with the slogan "Made In Essex" to mark his 40th birthday.

The broadcaster and food campaigner revealed his desire to get a design during a radio interview, and listeners of Magic FM were asked to give some inspiration.

He eventually settled on the Made In Essex option, although he admitted he was not completely convinced it was a good idea.

Appearing on the station's Green Room show, he told presenter Jo Parkerson: "I'd love a tattoo, I just don't know where to put it. My dad would kill me. He'd disown me and I don't know what to have done. I did like the idea of a fox hunt going up my leg with a tail just coming out of my bottom."

Oliver, who hits 40 in May of next year, said most of the suggestions were too rude to even entertain.

Reflecting on whether he would go through with it, he said: "Will I or won't I? Midlife crisis for sure."


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