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Chelsea women’s manager’s ‘daily cry’ over her stillborn twin son

Her team went on to win the FA Cup.

Chelsea women’s football manager Emma Hayes hid the loss of one of her unborn twins from her team after she felt her son lose his fight during a match.

Ms Hayes, who was in her third trimester, had been warned one of her baby boys was struggling and knew something had gone wrong while watching her team play Arsenal on the sidelines, the Sunday Times reported.

The 41-year-old told the paper she decided to hide her devastating news from the team, adding that losing a child had made her more vulnerable, but more grateful and patient.

Chelsea went on to win the Champions League and FA cup.

I look at my son every day and I'm just grateful he's here, I'm grateful I reached this point Emma Hayes

In an interview with the newspaper she said: “I didn’t start dealing with it until I’d given birth, I’d gone from seeing my born child in one moment, then whisked off into intensive care and, within 30 minutes, saw my dead child.

“It was a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget.”

Cremating her stillborn son, who she named Albie, helped Ms Hayes accept and understand what happened, she said.

She said: “I’ll always feel a loss for that, I’ll probably always have a daily cry about it.

“I look at my son every day and I’m just grateful he’s here, I’m grateful I reached this point.”

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