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Chicken shops attracting increasing numbers of affluent consumers – Mintel

An improvement in animal welfare standards and healthier menu options is driving the increasing popularity of chicken shops among better-off diners.

General view of Aladdins chicken shop in Hounslow, west London (PA)
General view of Aladdins chicken shop in Hounslow, west London (PA)

By Josie Clarke, PA Consumer Correspondent

High street chicken shops are increasingly attracting affluent British consumers as they focus on healthier options and improved animal welfare, figures suggest.

Some 45% of affluent consumers – defined as those who have enough money to save or spend on luxuries – visited chicken outlets or restaurants over the last year, up from 40% in 2018, according to analysts Mintel.

Almost half of those who described their financial situation as “okay” are also visiting in increasing numbers, up from 41% a year ago to 47%.

However, slightly fewer Britons who are in a “tight” financial situation are visiting, down from 45% a year ago to 42%.

The growing popularity of chicken shops among Britain’s better-off diners comes as 67% of all consumers agree that they are offering healthier options than a year ago.

The value of the chicken restaurant market is expected to surge by 5% in 2019 to sales of just over £2.3 billion, Mintel said.

The burger sector is also expected to grow by 4% this year to £5.2 billion.

Mintel senior food analyst Trish Caddy said: “An improvement in the animal welfare of chickens is helping to attract a more affluent clientele to chicken restaurants and outlets, with chicken meals typically costing more than other fast food choices.

“The guilt-free indulgence of healthier, free-range chicken has clearly met affluent consumers’ value expectations, even if better chicken costs more than a burger.

“Well-off Brits’ love for chicken also suits other food trends, such as eating more high-protein foods. This includes boneless chicken snacks such as bite-sized chicken fillets with dipping sauces, which are great for on-the-go consumption.”



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