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Children 'not confiding in parents' over online issues

By Rachael Burnett

Around half of schoolchildren would not tell their parents if they were upset by something online, according to a study.

Children were more likely to turn to the police, their friends or another family member before talking to their mum or dad, according to research by online safety group Internet Matters.

Some 90% said they would turn to their parents if they saw something upsetting face to face.

The survey of 10,000 UK pupils aged six to 18 found that 52% said they would not tell their parents if they were upset by something they had seen online.

Internet Matters ambassador Dr Linda Papadopoulos urged parents to be more involved in their children's digital lives and get past the one-word answers which can hide problems.

She said it was important that parents "encourage their children to open up about their online activities and find out if their children are anxious about anything, as well as learning about some of the issues they might be facing including cyber bullying, sexting or seeing inappropriate content".

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