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Chores therapeutic for TV's Kirstie

Multi-millionaire property guru Kirstie Allsopp has said basic household chores help "keep her sane" amid the demanding roles of being a successful entrepreneur and motherhood.

The businesswoman and mother-of-two, who fronts Location, Location, Location and handicraft show Kirstie's Homemade Christmas, said she revels in the opportunity to undertake mundane tasks around her home.

The television presenter said: " I'm not doing the ironing because I have to, but if I get a chance, I find it immensely therapeutic.

"I'm absolutely convinced that those repetitive tasks that one does every day, organising and regularising one's home, and keeping it tidy, is enormously therapeutic.

"I know it is for me, and I have many, many working-mum friends who feel the same. That to know that their child is going to school with clean hair, clean teeth, clean uniforms, and their house is clean is what keeps her sane."

Allsopp said the task of running her home was made easier by hired help, but she also made time to take her children to school at least twice a week.

She added: ""There's nothing I madly desire that I don't have. I think I'm incredibly lucky.

"With all that I have, to wish for anything beyond this, you'd just think 'She's mad'."

The 42-year-old sparked controversy last month after suggesting that victims of the Christmas storms lacked "Blitz spirit" and were ''spoilt'' for getting compensation for going without power for days.

Allsopp tweeted that she was ''in rant mode'' and told her 331,000 followers: ''What on Earth has happened to Blitz spirit? Billions of people get by with very limited electricity #SpoiltUK.''

She added: ''Storm winds blow, trees come down, electricity goes off, it's not much fun, need to make contingency plans, why does this mean compensation?''


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