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City boss 'molested women in Wolf Of Wall Street atmosphere'


Anthony Constantinou is on trial at the Old Bailey

Anthony Constantinou is on trial at the Old Bailey

Anthony Constantinou is on trial at the Old Bailey

A City boss molested a string of women in an atmosphere likened to the hit Hollywood film Wolf Of Wall Street, a court has heard.

Anthony Constantinou, 34, is chief executive of corporate business and solutions company CWM, based at the Heron Tower in the heart of the Square Mile.

He is on trial at the Old Bailey for allegedly groping three women during after-work drinks.

On one occasion, a contract manager described how he thrust his tongue into her mouth, treating her "like a piece of meat", jurors were told.

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall said the allegations came to light when one of the women went to Grays police station in Essex to make a complaint .

She described three incidents during drinks at the office on October 29 2014, a couple of days earlier.

She said Constantinou had followed her into the ladies' lavatory, grabbed her face and kissed her, the court heard.

He then pushed her up against the frosted glass of the reception area before taking her into a company stockroom where he pulled her pants down and sexually assaulted her, jurors were told.

She never returned to the office block after that night, jurors were told.

Investigators later uncovered more complaints against Constantinou involving two other women.

The second woman recalled being molested on October 6 2014, three weeks before the first alleged victim said she was attacked.

She told police that the defendant dragged her into a utility room at the office and kissed her until she pushed him off and left, the court heard.

At the time she "just shrugged it off" but later that night, when they went on to a nearby bar, he touched her bottom and squeezed it, jurors were told.

The last alleged assault came to police attention when they searched the offices of CWM and uncovered a letter from a company terminating its contract, citing Constantinou's "behaviour".

The third woman described how she was sexually assaulted during drinks after a business meeting on February 20 last year.

During the meeting, he had allegedly thrown her mobile phone against a wall and told her: "Don't answer phones in my meeting."

Later that night, he picked up a big chunk of hot wasabi paste and shoved it in her mouth, remarking to colleagues that she had a "cracking arse and tits", the court heard.

The woman immediately left the room but was followed by Constantinou, who pinned her against a partition and assaulted her in what she described as a "disgusting" manner.

She told police that he "shoved his tongue in her mouth as if she was a piece of meat", Ms Marshall said.

The woman likened the atmosphere in the office to the Hollywood film Wolf Of Wall Street about New York traders.

She left the offices immediately and never returned, Ms Marshall.

Constantinou, of Wildwood Road, Barnet, north London, denies six counts of sexual assault against the three women.