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Claimants 'bent on making money'

A sales director accused of sexual harassment by two of his employees has told a tribunal they were "clearly bent" on making money.

Sales executives Diana Nicholl-Pierson, 24, and Anna Mazover, 29, claim Darren Scott told them they would "prosper within the company" if they had a threesome with him.

Ms Nicholl-Pierson said that along with Ms Mazover, she was "subjected to constant sexual comments, sexual advances and sexual innuendos" on a daily basis by Mr Scott.

The pair were both dismissed from publishing firm Entico Corporation Limited last June, less than a month after they had started.

They are seeking a combined total of £108,000 at a central London employment tribunal. But the respondent told the tribunal that the claims had been "completely fabricated" and said Ms Mazover "set out from day one" of her employment to take him to a tribunal.

He wrote in his witness statement: "I deny all the allegations against me and I feel very strongly that these claimants have acted dishonestly and maliciously.

"They clearly have conspired together to fabricate these claims in order to either get me the sack and/or try and save their jobs and/or simply try and make some money out of the company.

"I particularly resent the fact that they made a complaint to the police who found there was absolutely no evidence to support the allegations against me at all."

According to Mr Scott, Ms Mazover had a basic annual salary of £18,200, while Ms Nicholl-Pierson was paid £300 per week, and they could both earn more through commission.

He described the amount of money being sought by the women as "ridiculous" and branded them "street-wise".

He stated: "Both these girls were out on the party circuit in Soho throughout the whole time they were employed by the company.

"They were both involved, from what I saw, in taking drugs and drinking to excess.

"There were rumours that (Ms Mazover) was a part-time sex worker and that (Ms Nicholl-Pierson) was going out with a drugs dealer.

"I don't know whether these rumours were true but certainly when I saw them out socially during this period, which I did a lot, they were certainly moving in those circles.

"I want the tribunal to be under no illusion that these are the type of claimants we are dealing with.

"They are street-wise girls and they are clearly bent on making as much money out of the company as possible."

Mr Scott said that Ms Mazover had a poor record of punctuality, while Ms Nicholl-Pierson was "simply unable to sell".

He went on: "Both claimants were actually pretty useless and they are not people we would have kept on in any event."

In cross-examination, the claimants' lawyer, Michael McDonough, asked Mr Scott: "Every single allegation that both of these women have made is 100% true, isn't that right?"

The respondent replied: "No, it's 100% false."

In his statement, Mr Scott described the office as open-plan and said that if he had said "anything remotely inappropriate" it would have been heard by "numerous other people".

On the alleged suggestion of a threesome with the women, Mr Scott wrote that he "never invited them to my home or to take part in any sexual activity", and claimed "the only way they can prosper is by selling regularly".

He denied telling Ms Mazover that "your boyfriend has a big d*** but I have a big wallet" and wrote that he "did not think that kind of rhetoric would endear any woman".

Mr Scott also explained that he opened and closed his legs on a "daily basis" as he suffered from "panic attacks and anxiety".

He told the hearing he had employed "at least 4,000 people" in what was a "tough environment".

He added that some employees only last "for a few weeks".

The two women started at the London-based company in May last year - Ms Nicholl-Pierson on May 13, and Ms Mazover on May 20 - and they were dismissed on June 14.

During heated cross-examination, Mr Scott banged a fist on the table and, in a raised voice, told Mr McDonough: "Get yourself some witnesses for the things you're accusing me of, and if you can't, piss off."

Mr Scott, who told the hearing that he lived in a penthouse apartment, insisted that he would not have asked the two women to have a threesome as he suffers from "erection dysfunction" and has not "felt like a real man for 12 years".

He said: "My worst nightmare would be to be in a hotel room, my apartment, either environment, with two women that worked for the company, take their clothes off, we all start to get down to it and I take my pants down and I have a product that doesn't work.

"The embarrassment would be unbelievable and I'm sure that if the women were of that persuasion, that story would go round the whole office.

"My whole credibility on my sales floor would be destroyed and I would not have been able to do my job in any shape or form."

He told the tribunal that he felt sorry for his 42-year-old wife, who is "unbelievably attractive".

He added that he "can't make love to anyone" and said he was telling the hearing about his medical condition as "I have to do it in order to convince the tribunal".

The case was adjourned until Monday.


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