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Clifftop home on brink of falling into sea is demolished

Four more properties at Hemsby, Norfolk, will be removed in the coming days.

Demolition workers have torn down a clifftop home that was on the brink of falling into the sea after a storm caused significant erosion.

They used heavy machinery to flatten the property in Hemsby, Norfolk, with its metal jaws tearing into the home’s roof.

Four more chalets deemed at “imminent risk of falling on to the beach” will be demolished in the coming days.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council said eight more homes are at “very significant risk” of being lost as the sand continues to move.

Talks are continuing with insurers and the local authority about what will happen to them.

Carl Smith, deputy leader of the council, said any material that falls on to the beach will be removed “as soon as it is safe to do so”.

He warned people to stay away from the “dangerous” area.

A clifftop home in Hemsby, Norfolk is demolished. (Sam Russell/ PA)

Thirteen homes at Hemsby were evacuated last weekend after high tides and strong winds eroded the sand dune on which they are built.

Owners of the five properties that are being demolished were informed earlier this week.


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