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Clocks go forward: 60% of people want national public holiday on Monday, study shows

New research has found that 60 per cent of people in the UK get so confused by the biannual change that they want a day of holiday afterwards to recover.

This weekend, the clocks go forward. So at midnight on Saturday it will jump to 1am on Sunday.

As well as the one hour lost, 88 per cent of Brits admit they lose even more sleep the following night due to confusion about the clock change.

Five per cent of people claim to lose four hours as a result of the change, even though it happens twice a year.

To be fair, few of us seem to know which of our gadgets and clocks will change automatically and which won’t, so many of us will wake up on Sunday morning suspicious of all time-telling devices.

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The survey by global sleep company Casper found that half (48 per cent) of respondents experience a feeling of body clock confusion as a result of the national clock change.

People were asked whether we should be given a bank holiday the Monday following the clock change in order to help us all recover from the lost hours of sleep, and 60 per cent were in favour of the idea.

Everyone knows a bad night’s sleep can leave you feeling like a zombie the next day, but it sadly doesn’t look like we’ll be getting an extra two national holidays every year.

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