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Connolly hails child co-stars

Billy Connolly and Rosamund Pike stepped into London's Leicester Square tonight for the premiere of What We Did On Our Holiday.

They were joined by co-stars David Tennant, Ben Miller and Amelia Bullmore to launch the family comedy from the writers and directors of Outnumbered - Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

The film follows a family in disarray as they travel to Scotland to celebrate their grandfather's birthday, but soon find the three young children are better equipped to deal with their grandfather's bad health than their parents.

Connolly said: "People always say don't work with children they steal all the scenes - they're going to do it, and they do it brilliantly. They ad lib all the time, improvise, they're smashing actors and joyous people to be around, it's lovely.

"I was deeply impressed because I was improvising along with them, but I was thinking ahead, they just come out with it."

Pike praised Hamilton and Jenkin for their way of working with children in comedy: "We're riding this wave, we're sort of liggers on the back of Outnumbered. I was a huge fan of it."

Miller agreed: "They've taken the way they made Outnumbered and applied it to a different kind of story... The truth of Outnumbered is the same truth here which is that kids handle things better than grown ups do most of the time."

Tennant admitted he had been in awe of Connolly at first: "Billy's someone I've idolised since birth, my dad used to play his cassette tapes endlessly, so at first I was properly starstruck.

"It took me about a week to talk to Billy which is ludicrous because he's about the most warm, welcoming, generous, down to earth bloke you could wish to meet, but I was combating 40 years of idolisation.

"Then you get to know this man who's everything you hope he will be. He's funny, charming, easy going."

Child stars of the film Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge and Harriet Turnable also made an appearance on the red carpet at Odeon West End, as did Hamilton and Jenkin.

What We Did On Our Holiday is released in cinemas on September 26.

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