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Consultants advising firms to prepare for no-deal Brexit

A leading association said it is imperative that companies start planning for this outcome.

Firms are being advised to get ready for no-deal (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)
Firms are being advised to get ready for no-deal (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

By Alan Jones, PA Industrial Correspondent

Consultants are advising businesses to prepare for a no-deal Brexit and update any preparations they have already made.

The Management Consultancies Association said the current political crisis left companies across the UK with no greater certainty about the eventual outcome on October 31.

Chief executive Tamzen Isacsson said: “Many leading consultancies are still advising businesses that there is a much greater risk of a no-deal Brexit and it is imperative that all sizes of firms start planning to prepare for this outcome.

“Brexit fatigue is an issue within businesses but it’s vital that any preparations made in March for no-deal are updated and it’s essential there is good communication with employees, customers and suppliers about company plans.

“Companies need to continue to be self-sufficient, flexible and able to react to the political events as they unfold.”

John Dickie of business group London First said: “A general election is not the answer to how we get a clear way forward on Brexit. Too many other issues will, rightly, also be part of the debate.

“Rather than putting the country on an election footing, the Government should work to secure a revised deal and put it back to the people for a definitive vote.”



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