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Cops said my crash in France foul play: Nigel Farage

By Scott D'Arcy

Nigel Farage has said police suspected sabotage after a wheel on his Volvo fell off while he was driving on a motorway.

The Ukip leader claimed nuts on all of the wheels of his V70 were found to be loose after the "frightening" crash on a French road near Dunkirk.

He described how he was forced to stop after losing control on the motorway, fleeing the car and darting over a barrier to avoid oncoming traffic.

He said: "It was in the middle of bloody nowhere, and I was caught in a very bad position. There was a huge section of roadworks with cars going back and forth on the same side of the carriageway.

"I suddenly realised I was losing steering but there was no hard shoulder to pull on to. I slowed down, put the hazards on and then one of the wheels came off. I jumped over the wall as quickly as I bloody well could to get away from lorries and everything."

When police arrived, they reportedly told him the cause was a malicious act.

He said: "The French police looked at it and said that sometimes nuts on one wheel can come a bit loose - but not on all four.

He said he had received death threats in the past but, when asked who he thought might be responsible, said: "I haven't got a clue. Quite frankly, the way my life's been over the past two-and-a-half years, nothing surprises me."

The crash, which happened in October last year while he was returning from a trip to Brussels, is not the first time the MEP has been involved in a life-threatening situation.

He had to be pulled from the crushed cockpit of a plane after an election banner caused it to crash in May 2010. The light aircraft came down after the tow line for the sign became wrapped around the tailplane.

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