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Corbyn: EU migrants deliberately left 'dangling on a string' by Theresa May

EU migrants in the UK are being deliberately left 'dangling on a string' by Theresa May, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has warned.

Mr Corbyn used a key-note Brexit address to insist the Prime Minister guarantees the status of the estimated three million EU nationals in Britain.

"They don't deserve to be dangled on the end of a string any longer. We demand immediate action on that to guarantee their rights of residence in Britain."

The attack came amid growing Labour confidence it can force the Government into a concession on the emotive issue as the Brexit Bill faces fresh challenges in the House of Lords next week.

Mr Corbyn said: "It is a scandal that our Government is trying to use citizens of the EU, who have made their homes in Britain, as a bargaining chip.

"I understand the fear in many communities since the Brexit vote.

"Many EU nationals feel isolated and believe they are no longer welcome in the country they have come to call home."

Tory peer Lord Bowness has now joined the Liberal Democrats in backing an amendment to the Brexit Bill calling for residence securities for EU nationals.

Labour's leader in the Lords, Baroness Smith of Basildon, told The Guardian: "My sense is there's real momentum behind this one, and my sense talking to peers across the house and listening to the debate, is this is something that the House of Lords would support, cross-party."

Labour is also hopeful of forcing a further concession over their demands for the Government's promise of Parliament will have a chance to vote on any Brexit deal with the remaining 27 EU member states before it is finally agreed.

It follows a warning from the former Supreme Court judge Lord Hope of Craighead, that the legislation as is standing may not be sufficient to satisfy the court's ruling that Parliament was entitled to a say on Brexit.

Mr Corbyn also used his address to warn the Tories want an ideologically-driven right wing Brexit to push an agenda of deeper austerity, attacking workers' rights, and selling off parts of key public services like the NHS to American corporations in a trade deal with US President Donald Trump.

"The Tories are hurtling down the road to Brexit with a broken sat-nav system telling them to turn right, right, and then right again."


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