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Corbyn vows no election pacts with other parties

By Lucinda Cameron

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said there will be no pacts with any other parties in any forthcoming general election.

Mr Corbyn reiterated that he would be "very happy" to fight a general election once the threat of a no-deal Brexit is removed from the equation.

He said leaving the EU without a deal would do "enormous damage" and that Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to set up the UK on the shores of Europe as a "low tax environment".

The Labour leader said that what Mr Johnson really wants to do is a trade deal with Donald Trump and the US, but warned that such a trade deal would be a "one-way agreement".

Mr Corbyn said that Labour would also give people a final say on Brexit.

Speaking at the Unite conference in Ayr, Mr Corbyn said: "After a general election, we will have either a Tory Prime Minister or a Labour Prime Minister, there is no other option available.

"I'm going in to fight that election whenever it comes, this year, whenever, I'll be ready for it.

"There will be no pacts with any other party, we are fighting that election to win it in every part of the UK."

He added: "A no-deal crash-out would be a disaster, we would instead negotiate a credible option with the EU and put that to the people to make the final decision and we would abide by the results of that final decision."

The Prime Minister has offered to give MPs more time to consider his Brexit plan if they agree to a poll on December 12.

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