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Cork tragedy airline plane crash lands on Isle of Man

By Colin O'Carroll

A plane from the airline involved in last year’s fatal Cork accident has crash landed on the Isle of Man.

The Manx2 aircraft apparently suffered a landing gear failure at Ronaldsway Airport on the island after flying from Leeds on Thursday.

There were 12 passengers and crew aboard the British Aerospace Jetstream 3102 service on Thursday, but no-one was injured.

The aircraft sustained substantial damage after its right undercarriage collapsed, causing it to veer off the runway on to the grass verge.

It was claimed that it took five minutes for emergency services to reach the aircraft as air traffic controllers did not immediately spot the incident.

According to some reports, another aircraft had to alert the control tower that the plane was in trouble.

Six people died when the Manx2 flight NM7100 flying from Belfast to Cork crashed in low visibility as it tried to land at Cork Airport in February last year. Three of the dead lived in Northern Ireland. The two pilots were among those killed.

The Fairchild Metroliner SW4 smashed nose first into the the runway, overturned, careered at speed over the tarmac and ploughed through 70 yards of adjacent grass and mud.

The front of the plane burst into flames but in less than two minutes two fire engines were at its side and had quickly extinguished the blaze.

Questions were later raised about why the pilot, who had only recently been appointed a captain, tried to land in such poor conditions.

The six who died were Brendan McAleese, Pat Cullinan, Captain Michael Evans, Richard Noble, the pilot Jordi Gola Lopez and his co-pilot Andrew Cantle.

Businessman Mr McAleese (39) was a cousin of Ireland President Mary McAleese's husband Martin.

Mr Cullinan was originally from Omagh, Co Tyrone, and a partner in leading accountancy firm KPMG.

He is to be remembered with an annual examination prize medal.

The Pat Cullinan Memorial Medal will be awarded each year to the Northern Ireland candidate who achieves the highest marks in the Chartered Institute of Taxation exams.

Captain Evans was a deputy harbour master in Belfast while Mr Noble was originally from Derbyshire but living in Northern Ireland.

Six other people survived the plane crash.

Since the crash, Manx2 has axed the Belfast to Cork route and no longer uses Barcelona-based Flightline BCN.

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