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Cost of living key to poll - Labour

Britain is suffering from a "living standards crisis" under David Cameron's Government, Ed Miliband has warned.

The Labour leader went on to predict the issue would be the "battleground" on which the next UK general election would be fought. Voters will choose who should form the next government on the basis of "who can turn things around for hard-working people", he said.

While he said millionaires had "never had it so good" under the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, Mr Miliband insisted only Labour could "tackle the cost-of-living crisis".

As well as attacking the UK Government, he hit out at Alex Salmond's SNP administration at Holyrood, with the Labour leader accusing the Scottish First Minister of focusing his efforts on "trying to divide our country rather than solving the problems families in Scotland face day in, day out".

Speaking during a visit to Edinburgh, Mr Miliband said: "The serious fact we have to face today is that we have a living standards crisis across this country.

"Since David Cameron became Prime Minister, real wages for Scots are down on average by over £1,400. Prices are up. They have risen faster under David Cameron than in any other major economy. In all but one month since 2010, prices have risen faster than wages. No prime minister on record has a record even close to that."

Energy bills have risen by at least £300 a year since Mr Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010, Mr Miliband said, adding that under the Conservatives it was only "going to get worse, not better".

The Labour leader claimed that would be the case "unless, of course, you are one of the 13,000 people earning over one million pounds, who have never had it so good".

He went on to state: "This will be the battleground of the 2015 election. The Tories think they are heading for a re-run of 2010: a referendum on the last Labour government. They're wrong. The 2015 election will be fought on who can turn things around for hard-working people. It will be fought on who can make living standards better for people, not make things harder for them.

"Our job here and across the country is to show that only Labour can tackle the cost-of-living crisis. All the Tories offer is more of the same while Alex Salmond spends his time trying to divide our country rather than solving the problems families in Scotland face day in, day out."


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