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Could Michael Fabricant be the first Minister for Selfies?

Tory MP can't stop taking pictures of himself


Michael Fabricant is to politicians what flamingoes are to birds.

The Tory MP wears his harvest yellow locks like a proud rooster’s comb, his thick thatch providing a delicious custardy contrast to Boris’s fine white-blonde mop.

Google autocomplete tells us that the second most popular search term for the Vice Chairman of the Conservative is wig (not Whig).

With such a magical mane it makes sense that Mr Fabricant would want to show off , but the Independent has discovered the Tory MP has an unnerving predilection for selfies.

 A quick flick through Mr Fabricant’s Twitter account reveals a treasure trove of self-snapped shots. From braids to plungers, the Lichfield MP seemingly always has a (dirty) mirror and a blackberry at the ready. Bought a new pair of glasses? Time for a selfie. Need advice on what to wear with your pink shirt ? Time for a selfie. Wearing a huge comedy moustache to PMQS for charity? Time for a selfie. (OK that one is justified.)

With David Cameron’s former speechwriter and Independent columnist Ian Birrell calling for more political appointments, we think Michael Fabricant could apply to be a Minister for Selfies. ‘Selfie’ after all was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of 2013 and with the Conservatives wanting to engage with young people, what better way than to appoint a devoted minister?

It might be a contentious posting, but controversy is nothing new for this flamboyant MP. Only a week ago, Mr Fabricant caused outrage in Wales after claiming the Welsh language was holding back children's education in Wales. The Vice Chair of the Conservative party also stirred up debate in November 2012 when he urged David Cameron to forge an electoral pact with Ukip for the next election. He was slapped down by the party.

In an article for The Telegraph this November, Mr Fabricant explained how he was "one of the more risqué MPs on Twitter" and used the medium to warn children about the perils of the medium. He defended his "outrageous" tweets, saying they broke free of today's "stage-managed" political culture.

Take a look at Mr Fabricant’s best selfies below.

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