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Couple turn up at airport for dream Las Vegas holiday...but they booked it from the wrong Birmingham

A couple arrived at the airport, ready to fly off on their dream holiday to Las Vegas, only to discover that they had booked flights from the wrong Birmingham.

Richella Heekin (26) spent £1200 on flights to the US for her boyfriend Ben Marlow’s 30th birthday.

But when they arrived at the airport, they couldn’t find their flight on the departure board.

When airport staff checked their tickets, they had to break the news that they had booked flights from Birmingham, Alabama instead of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where the couple live.

Richella told the BBC: “He said to me ‘Have you got the day wrong?’ and I said ‘No, I have the flight details in front of me.’ So we went to the desk and the American Airlines flight desk was closed.

“Another airline said 'Let’s see your flight details' and they said ‘That code is for Birmingham Alabama, not Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

“My face just dropped. I was devastated.”

Ben added: “I couldn’t get my breath to be honest. When we couldn’t see the flight on the board, I thought something was a bit fishy. When they told Richella, I had butterflies in my stomach and I couldn’t believe it.

“I walked away. I couldn’t stay there. Richella’s face went red and she burst into tears.

“I said, 'We’re not going to Vegas then.'”

Friends and family had given the couple dollars to spend on their dream trip and when they discovered that nothing could be done to rescue their US trip, they exchanged the dollars for Euros and booked last minute flights to Amsterdam instead.

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