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Couples ditch wedding list for cash

More than a third of couples are shunning the traditional wedding gift list in favour of asking for cash, a survey suggests.

Around 35% of brides and grooms said they plan to ask their guests to give them cash or vouchers, compared with only 22% who plan to have a traditional gift list, according to internet bank first direct.

One in five couples said they were happy for their guests to choose their own presents, while 19% said they were not asking for any gifts and 3% said they planned to ask for donations to charity.

But while couples favour asking for cash, guests are less keen to give money, with 39% saying they thought it was too impersonal and 34% said they did not like the couple knowing exactly how much they had spent on their present.

A further 22% said they disliked being told what to give as a gift as they thought it was rude, but 18% of those questioned said they thought asking for money was a good idea given the problems young people faced getting on to the housing ladder.

Richard Brown, senior savings product manager at first direct, said: "With couples needing huge deposits to get on the housing ladder and the cost of everything from honeymoons to petrol going up, the economic reality for most couples is that money is the most useful gift they can ask for.

"While guests can feel this is impersonal, it can help the couple to save for important purchases that will hopefully help set them on the road to a lifetime of happiness."

Opinion Matters questioned 1,924 people between February 25 and March 11.


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