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Creepy clown just 'harmless fun'

A "creepy" clown who conjured up a worldwide online following simply by standing motionless in the street has denied intending to scare anyone.

The so-called Northampton Clown has attracted more than 124,000 "likes" on Facebook despite facing accusations that his act leaves onlookers feeling frightened and intimidated.

In an interview with the Northampton Chronicle and Echo, the entertainer described his impromptu appearances at various locations around the town in recent days as "a bit of harmless fun".

The clown, who was not named by the newspaper, said: "I just wanted to amuse people. Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out and then they can laugh about it afterwards.

"It's like watching a horror movie. When people get scared, they usually start laughing."

The clown, wearing an all-in-one suit and an outsize bow tie, has reportedly left some local residents terrified by standing around on street corners and staring at passers-by.


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