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Crew rescued from sinking boat

A fishing boat crew were rescued from their sinking vessel after it collided with another ship.

The Lynn Marie began to take on water after hitting the 155-metre coaster MV Philip five-and-a-half miles south of the Isle of Man.

Crew on board the 17-metre fishing boat called Liverpool Coastguard for help following the collision.

The coaster was relatively unscathed but the Lynn Marie suffered extensive damage to her port side bow and began taking on water.

Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of the Port St Mary RNLI Lifeboat, and other vessels in the area including the HM Customs Cutter Sentinel.

Crew from the Port St Mary Lifeboat boarded the fishing vessel with their pump, along with a pump from the Sentinel, to try and stop it from taking on water.

The Port Erin RNLI Lifeboat was also launched to provide an extra pump.

The Port St Mary Lifeboat then towed the fishing vessel stern first (due to the damage) into the harbour at Port St Mary.

Liverpool Coastguard Watch Manager Su Daintith said: "The fishing vessel Lynn Marie arrived alongside at Port St Mary at 9.41am with the intention to tow her into the inner harbour at high water. The coaster MV Philip proceeded on to its original destination of Greenock.

"We have informed the Marine Accident Investigation Branch of this incident."


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