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Crime hits Canna island for first time since the 1960s

By Paul Ward

A tiny Scottish island has been hit by its first crime in decades after thieves raided its only shop.

The community shop in Canna, in the Inner Hebrides, has been run on an "honesty basis" for four years, with customers noting down the groceries and items they take in a book and leaving the money in a box.

Run by volunteers, it is regularly left open overnight to allow fishermen who dock at the island's pier to get what they need at any time - but the community group which runs the shop said that will now have to change after the theft on Friday night.

When staff checked on the store on Saturday they realised the shelves were emptied of sweets, biscuits, coffee, toiletries, batteries and six hand-knitted wool hats that had been on display.

Roughly four miles long and a mile wide, Canna has a population of about 20 people and the last crime on the island was reportedly the theft of a carved wooden plate from a church in the 1960s.

Police said they did not know the history of crime on the island but that the shop theft was "rare".

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