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Cross in van worker told to 'stay at home'

A Christian electrician who won a battle to keep displaying a palm cross in his company van has now been told to stay at home by his employers, his supporters have claimed.

Former soldier Colin Atkinson has been asked to stay away from work pending further investigation after he lodged a grievance about his treatment, the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) has claimed.

Mr Atkinson (64), from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, faced disciplinary action earlier this year after he refused to remove a cross from the dashboard of his company van following a complaint from a tenant.

After widespread publicity about the case, his employer Wakefield District Housing lifted the threat of disciplinary action and allowed him to keep displaying the cross.

But the CLC claimed Mr Atkinson, who is one year from retirement, had suffered continual problems since returning to work.

He has also been moved to a different office 16 miles away, the centre said.

Mr Atkinson said: "WDH have broken faith with me and not restored me to my job."

WDH refused to comment on the latest claims by the CLC.

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