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Crowds celebrate Chinese New Year

Thousands of people have filled Trafalgar Square in central London to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The festivities to see in the Year of the Dragon included a dramatic firecracker display and dancers in outfits representing the mythical creature.

Acrobats dressed in elaborate dragon costumes leapt from podiums while percussion musicians played a rousing beat.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said at the event: "It's an amazing occasion and we've never seen a crowd quite as big as this in all the years that we've been doing it. I think it shows the way the world economy is going.

"London is a global city, you've got more Chinese students here in London contributing to the London economy than any other city in the world and I think they love it because it's a safe city.

"The point of this kind of event is to celebrate the Chinese New Year but also to intensify those links between London and China."


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