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Crowds fill streets of Windsor amid sea of red, white and blue flags

Cheers ring out as people enjoy a ‘very British kind of celebration’.

Royal wedding
Royal wedding

Crowds crammed the streets of Windsor to celebrate the royal wedding.

The mid-morning sun beat down on thousands of wellwishers, including some who had slept on the street  overnight to bag the best spots, amid a sea of red, white and blue flags, T-shirts and bunting.

Outside The Windsor Castle pub, which is along the procession route, there were women in feather boas and veils as though they were on a hen night and many others who were sporting paper crowns or fancy fascinators.

A random “three cheers for the royal couple” rang out as assistant pub manager Shauna Carabini, 22, described the  atmosphere  as “quite infectious”.

Royal fans gather behind the barriers on the Long Walk, in Windsor (Oli Scarff/PA)

She said: “There have been people sleeping on the streets who have come from all over the world.

“It is a very British kind of celebration – none of us know either of the people getting married but we are all invited to celebrate, smile and have fun.

“The weather helps and I have never seen Windsor looking so lovely and with so many police around I have never felt so safe.”

Without giving figures , she added it had been a “record week” for the pub.

Security was obvious, with scanners on entry, large sections of the centre cordoned off and uniformed officers everywhere.

Spectators gather on the procession route (James Hardisty/PA)

Royal superfan Margaret Tyler, 72, whose home in Wembley,  north London, is full  of royal memorabilia, joined the crowds in Windsor with her friend of 40 years David Jones, 82.

Ms Tyler said: “I had to come because it is such a special day,” and that Meghan Markle was “already well on her way” to being  a good member of the royal family.

Mr Jones said: “I will be having tea and crumpets to celebrate later.”

Debbie Hoover, 50, with her 21-year-old twin daughters Camille and Ashlyn, of  Amarillo, Texas, made  the wedding the main reason for their holiday.

They slept outside overnight.

Mrs Hoover, who was sporting an eye-catching fascinator in the shape of a swan “because the Queen owns swans”, said: “Every girl wants to become a princess but in America you can’t – now it seems that you can.

“They make such a sweet couple.

“It is just so cool to actually be here.”

Ashlyn Hoover added: “Meghan is just following her heart with what she thinks is right. It is a true love story.”

Tony Appleton, who bills himself as a town crier complete with his ceremonial outfit, said: “I am so excited  for Harry.

“I think at last he has found someone to tame him down. I am happy he has found this lovely American beauty.”

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