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Cyberstalking 'inflicting misery'

Stalkers are using GPS tracking technology and mobile phone applications to track their victims, prosecutors have said.

The tactic, already seen in the United States, involves using websites and mobile apps to pinpoint victims' locations using their mobile phones.

So-called cyberstalking is becoming even more of a problem than traditional stalking in Britain, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.

Nazir Afzal, the CPS director responsible for stalking and harassment cases, told the London Evening Standard: "What we are coming to appreciate is how the cyber element has increased so substantially.

"Cyber-stalking is now exceeding stalking in the traditional ways. It is inflicting misery and we are determined not to stand by and let it happen."

In September, the CPS warned stalkers could be barred from targeting their victims on Facebook and other social networking sites in a crackdown on harassment.

Prosecutors should issue restraining orders that could include orders "not to display any material relating to the victim on social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter", the CPS guidance said.

Home Secretary Theresa May added that stalking should be treated as a priority.

"Stalking is a deeply disturbing crime and many victims suffer in silence and fear for years - this has to stop," she said.

"We must ensure that it is treated as a serious issue and take every step necessary to prevent needless suffering and distress. This is why efforts to tackle stalking form a key part of our vision to end violence against women and girls."


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