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Cycle commuting hotspots revealed

Greater London is the cycle commuting capital of England and Wales - with 21% of those who ride to work living in the area, according to new research.

A study found 741,000 people use bicycles to commute to work in the two countries, of which 155,000 live in Greater London.

The next popular areas for commuters who cycle are Cambridgeshire, with 29,689 cyclists, Greater Manchester, with 25,161 and Oxfordshire with 23,101.

However, cycling to work is much less common in other local authorities, such as Merthyr Tydfil which has just 80 people using bicycles to travel to work.

Blaenau Gwent has 134 commuting cyclists, while the Isles of Scilly have 186, the study for Privilege Home Insurance found.

Dan Simson, head of Privilege Home Insurance called the analysis, which was released today, "encouraging".

"Cycling is a healthy, cost-effective and eco-friendly means of transport and it's encouraging to see how many people choose to cycle to work around the country," Mr Simson said.

"It is, of course, very important for cyclists to stay safe whilst commuting and to secure their bicycles once they have arrived at the workplace.

"Having a good home insurance policy that provides cycle cover both at home and whilst out and about offers the best of both worlds to our two-wheeled commuters."

The top 10 local authorities for bicycle use as a method of travel to work were:

:: Greater London - 155,289

:: Cambridgeshire - 29,689

:: Greater Manchester (Met County) - 25,161

:: Oxfordshire - 23,101

:: Hampshire - 20,658

:: West Midlands (Met County) - 19,029

:: Norfolk - 17,332

:: Bristol - 15,768

:: Essex - 13,891

:: Suffolk - 13,558

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