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Dapper Laughs 'back from the dead'

The comedian behind the controversial Dapper Laughs act has resurrected the character after declaring him "dead" last month and apologising following accusations of sexism.

The performer, real name Daniel O'Reilly, posted a Christmas message on YouTube proclaiming that "Dapper's Back".

It sees him mock his own grovelling appearance on BBC Newsnight in November, when he admitted that Dapper Laughs was "a type of comedy that I should not have been doing".

In the footage, which lasts under two minutes, God orders Dapper to return from heaven to earth because he is "needed down there".

A meek-looking O'Reilly is then confronted by his cocky alter ego, who tells him: "What's wrong, you can't take it? Go on, you might as well go up there (to heaven) because my work down here (on earth) ain't finished."

Over 60,000 people signed a petition last month calling for ITV2 to scrap a second series of O'Reilly's dating show Dapper Laughs: On The Pull.

It was axed by the channel after footage emerged of O'Reilly telling a female audience member she was "gagging for a rape" at a show in London.

Some 44 comedians also signed an open letter condemning O'Reilly for his "sexist and degrading" comedy.

Appearing on Newsnight on November 11, he told presenter Emily Maitlis: "It's completely ruined everything that's going on with me as a comedian. The bad press and everything that's happened - it's wrecked my life to a certain extent.

"I am not going to allow Dapper Laughs to represent me. I want the people out there to know that not only am I going to stop it, I am going to help it not being promoted."


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