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Daughter backs Bruno's health fight

The daughter of former boxing world heavy weight champion Frank Bruno has spoken of her love for her father - and how she will stand by him if he suffers another set back in his mental health.

Rachel Bruno, 26, said she and her siblings would always be "by his side" as she spoke of her "tough decision" over choosing to make a documentary to be broadcast on Tuesday night about her search to understand her father's bipolar disorder.

She was speaking as Bruno told BBC Breakfast that his condition was "definitely under control" and he feels "very fine" at the moment.

"It is not just the person who is affected, it is the whole family ... sometimes some of the things that my dad has said in the past can be quite hurtful," Ms Bruno said.

"You do have to remember it is not them at times when they are poorly, you have to try and block it out and just be there for them really. We are a very strong family and us kids, we love our dad no matter what and even if he has another relapse or he goes back into hospital we will always be by his side."

She added that she had been approached last year by the BBC about making the film about her father's condition, also known as manic depression and which causes severe mood swings.

"Obviously it was quite a tough decision to make but I am so glad my dad let me go ahead and do it and share our story," she said. "I never really knew what bipolar was and I wanted to find out just so I could understand it a bit more and help him along his way really."

Bruno, 51, who retired from boxing in 1996, told the BBC his condition was "definitely under control", adding: "I feel very good, I am in a good place at the moment, so I feel very fine."

Bruno was sectioned twice last year under the Mental Health Act. He was first sectioned in 2003. About 1 in every 100 adults has bipolar disorder at some point in their life, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists website.

The film Rachel Bruno, My Dad And Me will be broadcast at 9pm on BBC3.


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