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Daughter gives tug-of-love evidence

A 16-year-old girl today gave evidence at a High Court trial in London after her father asked a judge to jail her mother.

Jessica Palacin Jones and her brother Tomas, 14, are at the centre of an international tug-of-love dispute between their Welsh mother Jennifer Jones, 47 and Spanish father Tomas Palacin Cambra, 54.

Mr Cambra, a soldier who lives in Spain, says Ms Jones, a teacher from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, has breached a court order to return the two children to him and should be jailed for contempt of court.

Ms Jones - who watched her daughter answer lawyers' questions at the public hearing in the Family Division of the High Court - denies contempt and says the children refuse to go.

And Jessica today told judge Sir James Munby: "I would just rather live with my mum."

The teenager said she loved her father and missed him.

But she added: "I don't understand why he would do all this and do what he is doing and want to put mum into jail. This is just too much."

She said Tomas did not want to go to live in Spain either.

Jessica, who was represented by a team of lawyers, was questioned for about 30 minutes by a senior barrister representing her father - who was not at the hearing.

Judges have ruled that the children can be named.

Sir James, President of the Family Division of the High Court, has heard that the two children have been at the centre of the dispute for more than a year.

He has heard that the couple have five children in total aged between nine and 18.

A Spanish court has made orders saying the children have with their father in Spain following the breakdown of the couple's marriage.

And the eldest and two youngest live with their father in Spain.

The case first hit the headlines in October 2012 when a High Court judge raised the alarm after Ms Jones disappeared with four of the children while they were staying with her in the UK.


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