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Daughter of murdered police officer dances with his colleagues at her wedding

Kourtney Young had no idea her mother had arranged such an emotional surprise.

Kourtney Young danced with her father’s colleagues (ROGUE Film Co)
Kourtney Young danced with her father’s colleagues (ROGUE Film Co)

By Megan Baynes, PA

The colleagues of a murdered police officer stepped up to fill his shoes, by dancing with his daughter at her wedding.

Kourtney Young, from Colorado in the US, married Tanner Krietemeier at the beginning of October, and had no idea her mother had arranged an emotional surprise for her big day.

Her father, Denver police detective Donnie, was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2005.

When time came for the father-daughter dance, instead Ms Young danced with seven of Mr Young’s colleagues to Paul Simon’s Father And Daughter.

Ms Young told the PA news agency: “It was a surprise my mom had planned.

“That song was something my dad played for me when I was little and he gave me a necklace with his badge number on it. So that song was special.

She danced to Paul Simon’s ‘Father and Daughter’. (ROGUE Film Co.)

“All those officers were friends of my dad’s and our family, so they were invited to the wedding already.

“I was caught off guard, but it was such a cool thing and a special moment. A lot of those guys are really important to me so it was special to share that moment with them.”

During the ceremony, officers Jeff Barron and Chris Shotts walked behind the bride and her mother, down the aisle.

Officers Jeff Barron and Chris Shotts walked behind Kourtney and her mother down the aisle. (ROGUE Film Co.)

Officer Danny Veith was the first police officer to dance with her.

He told FoxNews: “It was very emotional. I felt despair, like Donnie’s being robbed of this moment.

“Then I took stock of all that has happened in the last 14 years and looking at Kelly and all she has accomplished in the last 14 years since Donnie’s murder and then seeing Kelsey and Kourtney are these beautiful young women. Little girls no more.


“I just told her how Donnie was and is proud of her.

“Being the first to dance with her, I got to see every other officer walk out, very proud, happy fathers.

“And then as they turned their back to Kourtney to return to our group, every single one of them was crying.”

Kourtney and Tanner with the officers.



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