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Days and hours of unfolding tragedy

Thursday, April 3: Thomas Cohen takes the couple's two children, Astala (2) and Phaedra (1) to stay for the weekend at his parents' house in south east London.

Friday, April 4: Ms Geldof goes out for a meal in London during the evening with two close friends. She and one of the friends then go to the cinema before returning to her friend's house in Hampstead where Ms Geldof stays overnight.

Saturday, April 5: Ms Geldof goes shopping before returning to Kent by train, arriving back at Sevenoaks train station at 1.13pm. She takes a taxi back to her home address. She watches television including the TV show True Detective and maintains phone contact with friends and family. There is no concern for her welfare.

Sunday, April 6: At home alone, she continues to maintain phone contact and tries to arrange a day out with family members which is cancelled due to poor weather.

5pm: Mr Cohen's father Keith Cohen takes Phaedra back to Wrotham and spends about half an hour with Ms Geldof before leaving the child with her.

6.17pm: Ms Geldof posts a picture of herself as a child with her mother Paula Yates on Instagram with the comment "me and my mum".

7.14pm: Ms Geldof uses her laptop to look for The Dog Whisperer television show on YouTube.

7.45pm: Ms Geldof has a 12-minute phone conversation with the friend she had sent a message to at 7.01pm.

9.48pm: Mr Cohen makes an attempt to call his wife but receives no response. Nobody has any concern for her welfare.

Monday April 7, 1.30pm: Mr Cohen, his mother Sue Cohen and Astala return to the family home and he finds his wife on the edge of the bed and slumped forward in a spare bedroom.

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