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Dead man's mother demands answers

The family of a man shot dead by police days before the recent riots has accused officers of deciding to "shoot to kill".

Relatives of father-of-four Mark Duggan gave a newspaper interview in which they questioned why police had shot him in the chest rather than a non-lethal part of the body.

The 29-year-old was travelling in a taxi near Tottenham Hale in north London on August 5 when the car was stopped by police and he was shot.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mr Duggan's brother Shaun Hall, 42, said: "The police were clearly operating a shoot to kill policy that day. They are supposed to disable not kill suspects. If they hadn't shot and killed Mark there would have been no riots."

Mr Duggan's relatives claim that none of his fingerprints were found on the non-police gun discovered at the scene, and that the taxi in which he was travelling was initially moved from the crime scene before being returned.

His mother Pam Duggan, 53, said: "I just want the police to admit that they killed my son. Why didn't the police shoot him in the foot instead of in the chest?"

She defended him as a "loving boy with a good heart", rejecting his portrayal as a gangster in some media reports, and said that he would not have condoned the spree of violence and crime that followed his death.

Mr Duggan's girlfriend Semone Wilson, 29, who is mother to three of his children, said: "When I finally did break the news to them, the youngest one immediately vomited.

"The other day I was in the street with my 10-year-old son and saw a white man being stopped and searched by police. My son asked me, 'Are they going to shoot him now?' I just tried to change the subject because I didn't want him to start asking lots of questions about Mark's death."

Mr Duggan's funeral will be held on Friday.


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