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Digital drive as we pack for holidays

By PA Reporter

UK holidaymakers spend more time sorting out digital entertainment for a trip than they do on packing their suitcase, a survey shows.

Before a week off, the average person spends four hours and 16 minutes "digitally packing" - sorting out music playlists, downloading TV shows and books - compared to two hours and 30 minutes packing a physical suitcase, according to the survey for Audible.

More than two in five (42%) of us start organising their holiday digital entertainment before even thinking about packing their physical bags.

The average UK consumer downloads an extra 13 songs, one audiobook, one e-book, one film and one TV episode ahead of a week-long summer holiday, according to the survey.

And a third of under-35s pack their digital suitcase before the real one - almost double the figure for over-55s (17%).

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